Trial product Photography

Over the past few weeks, i have come to appreciate photography and all its wonders. With a touch of much needed ingenuity i emulated the softbox lighting setups using my LED torch on my friends phone (mulika mwizi). The results were astounding. The shoot results below could not explain it any better.

4 thoughts on “Trial product Photography

      • wassup again,… I totally forgot this URL,..I’ve had to go back to numerous blogs and checking my history to see your blog until I finally got it (wont forget it!!)
        Anny who, Yeah, I also kinda figured how to do the Do it your self Soft box lighting thing, working on one, might let you see sooner.
        so yeah,.. check out my blog too if you get a chance .I’m an enthusiast and a learner, you might like, then again……….

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