I love animals and nature, this is a fact that is manifested in most of my pictures. this is the story of  a bird i met (actual bird not a woman) this morning. woke up very late today, rushing to leave the house, something caught my eye. it was a brown greyish mound but it was moving. as i moved in for a closer look i realized it was a bird. judging by its fluffy feathers i could tell it was a young bird. leaned forward to pick it up but “she”  resisted contact it seems with the little strength she had left in her puny body. i was keen to capture her just to drench my curiosity i always wondered how these species of birds were up close.

She was very frail, only could manage two or three steps, only to fall chest first.

She shied away, maybe in disbelieve that i was going to be the last thing she sees and not familiar faces, with feathers and beaks or utter contempt and species shock (human for culture shock) that i was clicking away as she was dying.

For a moment i could have sworn i saw life and color rushing back to her now dying body. Like a shot of Epinephrine she was up. But only for a few seconds 5.34 seconds to be precise (i was also recording this) with the wall behind her providing support, she slouched back. This was it.

Summoning all her might, she turned around to the window facing outside, even for a bird i could see and feel the emotions welling up. Staring at the outside world, with wind that once caressed her wings, trees that she called home, the earth that she foraged from, as a young bird, she knew she was leaving that world too early.

I could not deny her dying wishes, i picked her up gently for a better view.

Life was swiftly leaving her, that story was better told from her eyes, fading, fading…i clutched her closely into my now moist palms that sweat when nervous as this was the only comfort i could give her.

She died in my hands moments later, to soar high among the other bird spirits. I will never know who she left behind or what future it would have had if fate didn’t have its way, all i know is that i will never forget her.

Life is full of many stories, some sad, some happy, but most are untold. As an artist i am obliged to present to you some of the untold stories. Love your lives and that of others and may God bless you.



  1. Dear Abdul, found ur story thru @Pinsondesarbres on Twitter. I am very moved by these pictures. Years ago, me too I held a little bird in the palm of my hand, a sparrow, what struck me was its heartbeat, it went so fast i can still feel it sometimes. I put it back in the grass then alongisde the road, but it died too… sadly. I buried it, and every time now when i pass this place, i remember, and the strangest thing: it is if i can feel its energy, a message of a kind. I call it ‘Soul-Bird-Energy’, very powerful… I wrote a poem about it on my blog: “Bird As A Prophet”:
    Thank you for sharing this moving story, and for your pictures! Namaste, Ave, Pax Tibi, Rombout.

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