This was more fun than i thought, birds are remarkable beasts, animals, things haha, i simply love these feathered friends. Getting close  is unheard of, unless its chicken and even then it can be perilous if it is brooding. There are stories grown men have faced the wrath of a mama hen and dint live to tell the tale.

This is a small collection of bird i have shot, the egret featuring a great deal.

I need captions for the above picture, is it a peace/deuces sign, or a gangster chick from the west side?

An egret in flight, i was crouched under a thicket with just my lens sticking out, s/he didn’t see it coming.

still crouching, that goat at the background sold me out,all i heard was a snitchy bleat and the bird took off. Again!

Whoosh, there she goes, love the wings, fragile but powerful and very adept.

Evening came and i snapped a quick one, with the moon at the back, dunno which bird this was, but it was a show off. Next day as i was stepping out my house i saw a flick of sheep/goats grazing, (don’t ask where i live) and as usual, egrets followed closely behind.

TIPS FOR GETTING CLOSE: 1. No sudden movements, 2. Don’t take your eye off your view finder, just be careful of the ground beneath. know your terrain.

Ok, i got too close, or tripped on something, the last i saw of them birds. They will be back i know, and i will have my camera with me.

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