She came in at around 3 am, yes, very early. mommy had an appointment in the city and i wasn’t busy on that day so guess what? BABYSITTING!!

she had a few hours of sleep, we all did, and at the couch i was at the mercy of mosquitoes, suckers! Morning came, sooner than i had hoped for, looking at the task ahead i knew it was going to be a long day. Mommy had a quick breakfast and left in a huff, but Leila was up to catch that kiss goodbye. and then there was two.

I hadn’t seen Leila in a long time, dint know how she’d react spending the day with a stranger, a rugged stranger. Had promised to go visit her in Uganda but….i hate (scared) traveling so i count on her coming over when she can.

Feeding time came and was glad to see she dint have any problems, just one year old but she takes good care of herself. I have done this before so i was in perfect control of the situation. The banana i gave her to play with left a big sticky mess on the bed but hey, as long as she isn’t crying.

Did i mention crying? well, i think she missed mommy, something must have triggered that, maybe it was me asking if she missed her mommy, hmmm maybe.

The inevitable, my worst fear, a crying leila, maybe a distraction,in comes Pamela the camel, this should do it right?

Nope! she was keen on crying, Pamela got tossed by the little giant, a mad giant full of rage for missing her mommy.

What to do what to do, i know !! milk! i swear i stuffed this kids face proper, not only because i loved and wanted her to be healthy, but also to shut her up, just a little bit. So, milk.

look at her cute little teeth, don’t let it fool you, Leila sneaks up on people and bites really hard. after the milk serving,we played a little, tossed, tickled, peek-a-booed all of that, we were happy, i was happy, i even had time to tweet! But that’s when things got weird.

All of a sudden, she was afraid of the camera, no, not scared, petrified, that look right there said it all, photography was banned from that point, at least she thought it was, when i packed it and hid it.

At around 4 pm, she slept, all the crying and playing had taken a toll on her, i whip my camera out. lets shoot.

Pamela took over for the second watch, Thank you!


And this kid could bring it, a button has nothing on this here kid. ok no more talk from now.

and on the last picture, she waves goodbye, in her own style IE cute style. hope you enjoyed the post guys. My longest post ever. And a quick question, should i start baby photography on a serious professional level?


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