He couldn’t have said it any better Mutua Matheka, this is for all my friends, and their friends, and their friends friends..this i had to re blog for all friendly purposes.

Hi guys. I hope ya’ll are well, or at least some sort of well.

Yes I know that the blog has been down…it was actually going out but since I have found out that the new location is not just yet ready and this one had to be resuscitated for now. So feast your eyes on the blog while it’s still here. As soon as i’m ready to move, I shall notify you guys before doing so that you may (hopefully) move with me.

Why Your Friends May Kill Your Photography Business

Now today’s topic may rub some of you the wrong way depending on what side of the fence you fall. Let the record state that this is not based on any true story and it’s not an attempt to speak about anyway in any subliminal tone but seriously, how many of us have thought ‘____________ is a photographer…

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