AMOS & GRACE : White background tryout

This is one of my best friends Amos, (they are very few) and his lovely fiance Grace. They are Good people, and my studio mice sorry guys.
Was trying to shoot with a white background, still got a lot to do. In future i would want to avoid dark spots on my subjects and on the background as well. *notice the bottom left* side of the picture?
A big softbox would be in order, or a large 50 inch octabank to spread soft light all around.
Anyway dreams and wishes, back to reality and working with what i have. my kit consists of El cheapo studio lights, they offer very bright light but suck in outdoor shoots, hell i don’t even use them outdoors, unless it dark, very dark. Whats worse, i cannot regulate its power!!
My white background..hmm, lets see, not white, off white, its a windows blind or a projector sheet or something. was lucky to find it laying around.

And the results…


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