The following pictures were all made last weekend, i woke up early for the sunset and was on the lookout for a stunning light display in the evening. Ladies and gentlemen..
its cables and poles and a lot of clutter but i love this shot, you all know i am coo coo for silhouettes.

someone passing by thought i had fainted or something as i was taking this shot, i was flat on my belly.

i had no idea what i was doing with the post processing in this shot. ideas were born.

took this as i was walking home from my pall Sammy’s place, and to think he refused to tag along..shame.. šŸ™‚ see those tiny black specks? no the are not sensor dust, its birds that i dint want to clone out in photoshop. i call this picture, “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE”

my house is just to the right of that cornfield

that cloud looks like a foot, “GOLDEN BIG FOOT” it is.

hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as i enjoyed making them. blessed day folks.


8 thoughts on “LIGHT AND MORE LIGHT

  1. am also coo coo for silhouettes and this,is breath taking!! am spoiled for choice,,,,heck I’ll take them all :P. REALLY great work

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