Its the first time i am shooting this photography field and i must say, it ain’t easy. I learned that in Kenya especially Nairobi, the streets can be so mean. The odd stares, the ever lurking uncertainties from the council cops, cops, nosy people and thieves!
Try crouching somewhere dark to be all incognito and you could be easily lynched for being a suspected terrorist and with a name like Abdul i would fit every description there is.
However, its the most exciting thing to ever shoot, am only starting but am sure the streets has a lot to offer. The grit, the black and whites and the greys of everyday life, the funnies, the sads, the beautiful and the uglies.
folks, these are my first steps into street photography, i give you Kenya.

Its very rough around the edges i know but i don’t intend to leave it at that. i will shoot more until its all polished down. feel free to leave a comment. Blessed day folks.



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