I honestly cannot emphasize how important it is to always carry your camera as a photographer, there will always be someone/something interesting to shoot. On this day, there was perfect light, the magical hour when the sun is setting, casting awesome shadows and directional light. Natural light rocks and i couldn’t have asked for more beautiful people to blend in with the magic. meet my cousins.

What can i say about this girl, hmm, well she laughs a lot! i could simply leave her in stitches by just making a goofy face. She makes me think am funny (i don’t mind that). A kind heart, A beautiful person.

did i forget to mention she is shy? that explains the two pictures πŸ™‚


A.K.A Samantha G, NO! she is not a gangster nor a giraffe lol..but she is lovely. Know the type of people who brightens up a dull room? yes she possesses such qualities. Smart, gorgeous, and a natural athlete.

I told y’all she was an athlete,look at how she swings!!

The next person needs some heavy drum rolls for introduction! Samantha’s baby sister. Dont let the “baby sister” fool you though, she is by definition of most people who have seen these pictures and i quote “a black queen”

Mature looks for her age, “Sue” is a classy girl, composed, smart, and very proud all of which accentuates her striking beauty.

She should model, what do you think guys?

And there you have it, long post that, hope it was worth the scroll time. I Love these girls to bits and all my other family members, hope to introduce them in a visually appealing manner.

Blessed day folks.



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